Thermal Scanning

Thermal Scanning is a method that can be used in assessing an electrical system, machinery and other electrical apparatus/equipment. By detecting thermal anomaly “hot-spots” in an electrical system that is caused by loose connections, short circuit overload, unbalance load system, defective and deteriorated equipment. Data will be available for analysis, generate a report and recommend a proper solution to prevent further damage to the equipment and may lead to a catastrophic event that disrupts the operation and compromise the safety of the many.

RMR Electric offers infrared/thermal scanning services in the Philippines, having a Certified Level 1 thermographer and licensed engineers with vast experience in thermal scanning of various electrical and mechanical equipment.

  • Electrical Switchboard Inspections
  • High Voltage Switchyard and Power Line Inspections
  • HV/LV Power Transformer Inspections
  • Busbar Ducting Inspections
  • Pump and Motor Inspections