Motor Control Centers

  • Ready for SCADA/PLC integration.
  • High quality enclosure parts and busbarring works are manufactured using highly efficient CNC machines together with our expert technicians.
  • Adopts with different kinds of motor starters such as full-voltage (direct on-line) – and reduced-voltage (wye-delta, variable frequency drive, and soft-starters) applications.
Technical Specification
Characteristic Value
Rated Voltage up to 480V
Rated Current 630A to 6300A
Rated Frequency 50 to 60 Hz
Short Circuit Breaking Current 50kA to 100kA
Auxiliary Power Supply 230Vac
Breaker Type Air / Molded Case Circuit Breaker
Mounting Type Fixed / Draw-out Type
Motor Starting Types Direct on-line, wye-delta, variable frequency drive, soft starters
Busbar Type Tin-plated copper busbar 99.9% ETP Grade
Ingress Protection Rating IP 1030 to 52
Enclosure Material Galvannealed Metal Sheet
Finish Powder Coated Wrinkle Beige / Wrinkle Gray
Equipment Application Indoor