MV Switchgear

  • Available Voltages : 4.16 to 34.5 KV
  • Optimum protection for personnel and plant
  • Protection Design Technology includes the latest Arc Flash Protection to prevent arc fault damages on the metal-enclosed switchgear
  • Maximum operational availability, reliability and flexibility
  • Maintenance-free and safety –guaranteed busbar and frame construction
  • Easy and simple retrofitting procedures
  • Standard communication protocol for all commercial and industrial application
  • Integrated SCADA ready IED components
  • Very innovative standardized solution
  • Accurate and fast fault detection and rectification
  • Tin-plated copper busbar 99.9% ETP Grade
  • 100% Galvanized materials, offers better resistance to corrosion
  • All metal parts and busbars works manufactured using highly efficient CNC Machines for satisfactory performance
  • Painted finish with powder coating system
  • Custom-built to superb quality on any customers sophisticated and complicated requirements